Thursday, May 05, 2005

the best rabbit ever

so last night i ventured into the midst of the regulars at the inn where i am staying in wimbledon. it turns out they were all going out to dinner at an italian place a little down the way in the next village.

they invited me along, and having nothing else much better to at 9pm, said ok. the restaurant is enoteca turi, which recently won an award for the quality of its wine cellar.

the food was, with all due respect, as fine if not finer as any of the best italian restaurants in new york. i started with a lovely dish of asparagus tips over asparagus puree flavored with prosecco, broiled with a light coating of fresh cheese.

it being spring here, the asparagus was fresh and flavorful. the dish was simply prepared and just a delight.

the chef and his family hail from puglia, so the majority of menu is pugliese, altho' he does feature some dishes from the veneto.

following the starter, i order one of my favorites, rabbit. and i must say it was the best rabbit ever, tender, pink, juicy. not the all-white and needs-a-lot-of-sauce rabbit i often see in new york.

it was served on a bed of fresh broccoli rabe with a light olive sauce. yummy. yummy.

for dessert of course i ordered my favorite, a passito from pantilleria, with lovely vanilla and rich apricot flavors.

the wine award was given to this place partially based on the quality of the wine notes, which i will confess, were among some of the best i have ever seen.

again this myth that london has miserable food has been laid to rest. . .and thank heavens they were kind enough to treat me, because believe me, the bill with all the wines -- the chef choose an all-white list to go through the courses for us -- was waaay outta my per diem. . .

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