Friday, May 06, 2005

a crank?

one of the best things about having a blog is getting the related email, which is usually quite amusing. for example today i got a nice one signed "a. crank" who demanded to know why i don't update this more often.

ok, ok, so i guess some people aren't interested in coffee. if so, this is undoubtedly the wrong blog for you! but the best thing about the blogosphere is that there's a blog for everyone, even if you're a japanese teenager who collects sparkly stickers for your hello kitty cellphone.

so, mr. crank, i encourage you to find a nice tea blog somewhere: good luck and god speed to whatever heaven where the dead leaves lay about in heaping piles! go ahead and throw yourself in!

in other email, several people have sent me different versions of this article, the first being long-time bccy pal oren. i thank you all.

the line in this article that caught my attention of course is this from the bp gas station spokesman: "we're finding that customers really do want a good quality cup of coffee."

amen! quality, specialty-grade coffee is what everyone wants!

and i hope that bp and our friend spencer turer of hess will create a specialty coffee revolution at that important gas station level.

and further that other business are beginning finally to realize -- after we here at bccy and other consumer coffee blogs have been talking about this for 5 years now -- how quickly consumers adopt and reward quality coffee is also an important turn of events.

speaking of consumer coffee blogs, has anyone else noted that since the recent scaa conference in seattle, dougie cadmus' blog has just been on fire?

finally, it looks like my stay here in london has been extended another week. coming up: a visit to fortnum & mason! this also means i may yet get myself to an english yoga class. . .

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