Wednesday, May 18, 2005

dulce de leche + sumatra = happiness

yesterday one of the longest-time supporters of the scaa consumer member effort, former scaa prez steve colten, gave me a most excellent gift.

and what he gave me was a batch of various sumatras he'd put together at the exchange and roasted for me himself in the antique jabez burns sample roaster (unfortunately carolyn there ground it, thinking we were coming back to cup it!) along with a jar of what is widely thought to be one of the best dulce de leches available, la salamandra from argentina.

what's great about this caramel is that the milk comes from just one herd of prize cows, and the milk itself is also of the highest quality. plus it's made with real mexican vanilla for a heady vanilla taste, which i happen to like a lot.

"press the sumatra and drink it with the dulce spread on plain white toast," he said. "you won't believe how beautifully these pair at breakfast." he's right about this.

don't hesitate, dear readers! check this out yourself!

when i called him this morning to thank him for this fantastic treat, he gave a verbal shrug: "forget london," he said. "new york always loves you."

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