Tuesday, May 24, 2005

keep 'em coming!

"first there's your real home, then your workplace, then your favorite coffeehouse," she said. "it should be relaxing and quiet and serve a great-tasting, high-quality coffee."

i completely agree with this woman; this is exactly the kind of passion every coffeshop owner should have.

but what she lacks, as the article makes clear, is an understanding of what quality coffee really is. i have nothing against lavazza per se, but is it fresh?

this is the question she needs to be asking herself: high-quality coffee also has to be absolutely fresh coffee. will one of the many coffee pros who i'm honored to have read this page please contact her and turn her on to some beautiful, fresh coffee?

also, since rob was delayed in getting back to me, please keep those ideas a-comin' for scaa charlotte 2006! i want to give everyone a chance to contribute here.

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