Saturday, May 21, 2005

the loom of time

i'm still enjoying this little book, the biography of london, because it's so beautifully written. p. ackroyd the author has wonderful little phrases, such as "the sound of london is the loom of time," and i understand what he means, even tho' my experience of london was all birdsong and the gentle tearing-cotton hiss of milk steaming.

i highly recommend this book for anyone with even a casual interest in london. but beware! it is an affecting read that may send you off for a cup of fresh batdorf (thanks jessica!) dancing goat to cheer you up.

i myself was left so weepy and tremulous not only did i need an extra-long headstand in danika's yoga class yesterday, but i also dosed my sorrow-reducing half-glass of hot milk with honey and turmeric with an extra shot of bach's rescue remedy.

oops! hairdresser time! gotta run. . .back later maybe.

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