Monday, May 30, 2005

may it rain coffee

yikes! due to the vagaries of federal holidays and delivery services, the worst has happened: i am completely out of fresh coffee. generally i'm not a princess in need of rescue -- the problem with rescue fantasies is that after the "white knight" in question has saved you, what then does he need you for? -- but in this unusual case i'm looking for quick help before i'm forced to buy a can of illy. . .

also, while bccy is not a political blog -- politics are boring; coffee, interesting -- i must today, as an american espressohound, deeply thank the french.

your "non" vote on the e.u. constitution has probably had the opposite effect you intended: you thought voting no would preserve your post-war french welfare state. but economic reality in the global age is a real if ugly master.

*no* has most likely doomed tighter linkage among e.u. countries for a good 10 years, thus allowing the chinese to devour you, your beautiful language (whose literature i do dearly love), and your social service paradise much sooner than later. the so-called "polish plumber" is the least of your problems, alas, altho' you don't appear to understand this at all.

but! in the meantime, it has driven the euro down, and some commentators expect the euro to continue to fall over the next week or so.

since better espresso equipment tends to be made in europe, and has soared in price along with the value of the euro, i'm hoping that a lower euro will make nice coffee machines more affordable soon for all non-european coffee lovers.

in this vein, i'm also praying that the practical dutch -- being a small country of rather savvy people who one would expect to understand their own real peril when they see it writ large on a piece of brown bread -- will likewise be foolish enough to vote no. this will surely cause the euro to plummet.

with this situation in mind, i personally advise all long-time bccy readers to consider holding off on any major machine purchases for just a little bit. . .

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