Thursday, May 12, 2005

more scaa seattle pix

"coffee drinkers around the world could be helping to save what is left of the threatened wildlife of el salvador."

this excellent story today reminds us that the simple coffee choices we make every day can have profound and far-reaching effects. . .

and for those of you who like myself just can't stop sighing fondly when recalling how fantastic the recent scaa conference in seattle was, there are even more pix! courtesy of awesome long-time bccy pal and total surf-babe wendy j., scaa staffer extraordinaire!

yes, that's me you'll see staring into space if you dig through the gallery long enough. that's what i look like after 4 days and nights of not eating and not sleeping. woo-hoo! conference rules.

i can't wait to do it all again. . .and i certainly hope to see you all there. . .

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