Wednesday, May 11, 2005

our little secret

i suppose by now i shouldn't be surprised to spend so much time here in london talking about wine. after all former scae chairman alf kramer bluntly informed the other day that 80% of english coffee consumption is still soluble (that's "instant" to you!), to which another scae member's cheeky reply was, is that all?

long-time bccy readers know that i'm consistently fond of these planeta wines. life being as it is, i had only sampled various of their reds until yesterday, when the regulars at the inn where i'm staying decided they needed to fill out a table at dinner after they received an unexpected cancellation.

i'm always happy to benefit from an unexpected dinner invitation -- esp. since my formerly almighty dollars are now worth less than, oh, cabbage leaves -- and doubly so since i was assured that this place had a pleasant wine list.

once we arrived i discovered it was restaurant best known for its seafood, so everyone wanted white. beggars can't be choosers usually but i jumped on this opportunity to recommend the planeta la segreta bianco 2003.

yummy. and i'm not really a white wine person, you know? actually this wine's citrus and brightness in some ways reminded me of an ethiopian yrg. . . .

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