Wednesday, May 25, 2005

regional coffee culture, part xxxix

"coffee houses were overtaking pubs as a meeting place for people during the day. . ."

is the u.k. returning to its coffee-drinking roots after all this time? will the british abandon the classic pubs, most of which are now operated by larger brewers and which appear to be falling into a numbing sameness, to rediscover the passion and individuality of the coffeehouse?

today's article provides a small nugget for thought, should the trend continue. . .

in other news, i have my hands on the new sleater-kinney disc, which i've just given a first listen. and i like it!

if you're a sleater-kinney fan already, or tend to move in the sonic youth/p.j. harvey vein, you'll like "the woods." if not, then you'll find the cd boring and retro.

i have to say that the drumming does shine out on this effort, and in that regard i do agree with this review. but then i am perhaps the last living who fan under like, 90. . .

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