Saturday, May 21, 2005

spring lamb & primitivo

after a day of brilliant and beautiful sunshine, suddenly london came to visit. in the evening the weather turned wet and frigid. with my sister-in-law in town we defaulted from our previous outdoor dining plans to bklyn nabe favorite (sometimes serving a tad slow) noodle pudding.

where i delighted in a dish of papperdelle and spring lamb ragu, with a side of hot barley and lentil salad. sure, it's almost a winter menu except for the lamb, but then it was almost a winter day. . .

for the wine, i went with a primitivo from puglia, the 2003 salento by masseria del pilone. it's a pleasant simple wine i knew my inlaws would be able to drink, with a pretty ruby color and a slightly velvety feel.

naturally, when it came time for the coffee, i just returned home to the fresh dancing goat. . .noodle pudding has great food and honest tasty wines, but coffee they alas still don't get!

speaking of getting, on my way to my hair appointment -- where i'm famous for the way they blow dry my hair, standing on a chair while three staff try to do the honors so that it takes less than an hour, much to the astonishment of new clients who aren't used to these antics -- i stopped in at the whole foods market on union sq.

and what did i see there? cheeses from neal's yard! alas, only pasteurized ones. . .the beautiful wigmore and the durrus irish i had in london of course are ridiculously illegal here. . .

seeing the cheese made me so nostalgic i immediately went back for another 4 drops of the rescue. it's a shame really to miss london so, with only p. ackroyd to keep me company!

anyway, i did cruise by the coffee counter to see the amusing air roaster they use to roast the coffee in the store, but the staff was so inattentive even when the timer went off it was tragic. oh, and i have to ask: why don't they sell gillies there?

they do stock 2 vastly inferior coffees they advertise as being roasted in new york city. . .why don't they sell the best? hmm?

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