Saturday, May 28, 2005

u.s.a. sends first new delegation to i.c.o.

"now that we have rejoined the international coffee organization, I hope the united states will be able to take an active role in returning that kind of stability and security to coffee farmers throughout the world."

reading this article today proved that at least one member of congress gets it. long-time readers will recall that the importance of the u.s.a. rejoining the i.c.o. was a particular hobbyhorse of mine for quite a while.

the coffee crisis is a multi-national, multi-dimensional problem that has to be attacked simultaneously on all its levels -- with the farmers (oxfam, coffeekids and the coffee corps); with the governments (usaid); with the markets (nybot and hedge funds); and with consumers, greenies, and brownies (the scaa, scae, and other coffee trade groups) promoting consumption -- and the u.s.a. needed to be a bigger part of the solution.

rejoining will help make that happen, it's as simple as that.

speaking of joining, those wacky folks at sent me a whole bunch of cards and flyers for the nyc coffee meetup group. so i guess i'm gonna start handing these puppies around. . .

and of course it's the appropriate moment to note the existence of portafilter, a place more people might like to visit anon! another new site of note: yogascope, the new home of the awesome carl "everything's better upside down" horowitz!

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