Thursday, May 19, 2005

welcome rick peyser!

and it is truly my greatest pleasure to welcome long-time bccy pal, scaa consumer member advocate, and gmcr exec rick peyser to the presidency of our beloved scaa.

despite these amazing achievements, what to my mind marks rick the most is his complete devotion to coffee-related philanthropy, most notably my favorite charity, coffee kids.

during the recent scaa election, i understand many members worried about the future of the association. but for those few who still don't know, rick p. truly gets it.

he believes in all the things we members -- pro and consumer, roaster, hobbyist, retailer, and barista -- do, and he is passionately engaged in the issue of change, just as we are.

and despite other election-time fears, i know the improvements rick will be starting will be carried through by the new 2nd v.p. as she ascends to her presidency, the lovely mary petitt of juan valdez.

personally, as i've said before, i found myself happy that mary's been elected, as it sends a fantastic signal to coffee farmers everywhere -- remember that juan valdez is ultimately nothing but a co-op of coffee growers -- that we in the specialty coffee industry honor them for their commitment and sacrifice to offer the very best coffees they can grow.

it's just gonna be a great year for the scaa. really.

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