Tuesday, May 17, 2005

what coffee shops mean, redux

"the arrival of a coffee house culture, where party politics, whigs against tories, began to be played out, marks the real start of informed public opinion."

and thus begins real, modern democracy, yes? over coffee. . .

i cover this topic a lot, because it's one of my favorites -- the local neighborhood coffee house has an overwhelming community purpose, more than the bar or the pub. why?

it just has to do with the nature of the beverage itself; whereas pubs (i've learned this first hand now!) encourage a lot of meaningless chatter, flirting, storytelling, soccer-watching, smoking, and some political talk, real social change happens at the coffee house.

maybe that's because at the bar or pub everyone gets drunk, goes home, sleeps it off and forgets about it. but at the coffeehouse, the intellect is nurtured and real human bonds can be formed.

in other news, one of my favorite yoga teachers, mark whitwell, has announced a yoga workshop at kripalu july 1-3. if you can make it, do!

believe me, i'd love to be there myself. . .but i might be able to make the nyc workshop at be yoga on may 21, if i'm lucky!

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