Sunday, May 29, 2005

will this arrive?

one of the advantages of good ol' blogger is that you can mail in posts. unfortunately, not only is blogger usually quite slow to post mail-ins, if they arrive at all, it also tends to screw the links and formatting. . .but we try, we try.

due to a confluence of circumstance, i'm mailing in today. one of the things i despise about the local bklyn yoga scene is that all the studios overly cut back on classes during holidays.

hello? holidays are the very best time to be in nyc -- the obnoxious have fled and the commuters aren't taking up precious space in better restaurants.

so the smartest noo yawkerz hang during holidays, because it's the best time to enjoy the town. but alas it's tough to take a yoga class, even tho' it appears most yoga students and teachers are actually around. . .

on these long holiday weekends i tend to do yoga at home with erich schiffmann's trusty tape with ali mcgraw, punk yogi j. brown's fun homemade cd (despite being cut in an afternoon on his ibook, it's as professional as shiva rea's!), or shiva rea's still-classic "yoga sanctuary" practice cd.

today this alternative is denied me because the people across the street are having their townhouse steam-cleaned. it's a tremendouse noise, pure skronk.

i tried to mitigate it some with aimee mann's new cd, which like all her other cds for since "whatever" are slowish-tempo, gram-parsons-country, melancholy ballads about, yup, love and loss.

critics have dished this puppy as "same-y," which is quite fair. i'd put it at same-y, but worse: her lyrics have lost their admirable and ironic wit this time 'round.

so i'm calling this cd one only for hard-core mann completists. in the meantime, i think the parsons estate should sue, not that mann makes enough to feed herself, much more less pay her moral and artistic debt to "grievous angel."

thus in lieu of yoga, i finished off the last of the newly-repackaged weiss 64% mendiant bar. these have only just reappeared here in my bklyn environs.

i've always had a soft spot for the particular mix of sultanas, hazelnuts, and pistachios in these, even tho' it's not the greatest chocolate. certainly the old packaging wasn't secure -- it used to be common to see the adhesive on the old weiss wrappers completely non-sticky and the bars basically exposed on store shelves.

the new packaging seems better. all good.

and in the all-good category, i really have to thank chocolate luminary david lebovitz for linking to me from his site. altho' i probably disagree, as long-time readers know, with his assessment that m. recchiuti is the best artisan chocolatier in the u.s.a. . .those rose caramel bon-bons just leave me cold, sorry.

but i want to like them -- rose caramel (with some honey, yummy) should be exquisite, no?

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