Sunday, June 26, 2005

bistro lazarus

long-time readers know that i have several cafetiéres (that's a french press to you), ranging from a 2 cupper to a 10 cupper. but the one i use most is the 8 cup bodum bistro mr. right gave me as one of his first gifts. and i've used it regularly for nearly 7 years now!

but alas, glass is fragile, and i finally managed to whack it at a bad angle against the porcelain coating of our antique cast-iron kitchen sink. big hole!

mr. right gets summer fridays off -- a common perk in the creative industries of new york, where it's widely accepted that everyone's bailing to the horrid hamptons those days anyway -- and so he hopped down to john's 2 for the pot, the famed bklyn tea & coffee equipment purveyor, to pick up a replacement carafe.

and he did sweetly bring the replacement back and put it in for me. good as new!

breaking it was rather a drama since it was full; it was enough to make me consider a bodum electric santos, but! but! i really don't like to make coffee in plastic. not to mention that the colored ones prevent you from seeing the real color of the coffee.

i'm just a big glass/porcelain girl myself. . .

it's also worth noting how the whole bklyn scene is going beyond. the recent traveller just devoted page after page after glossy page to my bklyn nabe (which it called "the toniest[!]"), my street, all my usual restaurants, the little funky clothing stores i hang about, everything.

i expect the tour buses at any minute, filled with stroller-pushing moms and cranky map-reading dads. the prospect is terrifying.

but if it's true, and i now live in the ultimate epicenter of style and hepitude, why o why can't i still get a really great cup of coffee anywhere outside my own living room?

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