Tuesday, June 14, 2005

bks iyengar coming to new york!

even if you're not a fan of iyengar yoga as an asana practice, there's no doubt that bks iyengar himself is a leading yogic thinker thru his books. surely all yoga students are interested in what he has to say.

bks is making a very rare trip to the u.s.a. this fall. to hear him speak would be a great privilege, no matter what kind of yoga you personally practice!

yesterday, due to my schedule, i ended up in the new pilates mat class at my local studio, yoga people. long-time readers know i'm not a big pilates fan (it's the breathing thing, you know?)

but i must say that this particular class, with only 4 students, 3 of them like myself new, was a very fun time. the substitute teacher, sarah, was excellent and allowed us to do yoga breathing by default.

halfway through the class i could immediately see how it would be helpful in my inversion practice. since everyone knows i love being upside down, i might actually make this class a regular addition to my schedule!

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