Saturday, June 25, 2005

chocolate moderne

devoted readers may recall that during last weekend's trip to the chocolate room, a dessert bar here in so-chic bklyn, mr. right was sweet enough to pick me up one of joan's chocolat moderne apricot-basil caramel dark chocolate bistro bars.

and let me report that it is waaaay delicious. if i were to nitpick, however, i would note that the bottom layer of the bar -- and maybe the shell that holds the filling overall -- is a little too thick for the amount of apricot-basil caramel filling. but the chocolate is so fresh and intense i forgive her!

ok, i more than forgive joan -- everyone knows i'm a big joan fan. i highly recommend this bar, as well as her signature grapefruit bon-bon.

i know, i know: grapefruit sounds off-putting, but trust me! it's amazing.

i also made up a bodum vac pot of the boyd's coffee from yesterday. since it's a blend of centrals, i expected something bright and a little light in the body.

but what i got was a west-coast style dark roast with a medium body (even outta the vac pot, which is a tad unusual for a central, in my experience) and very little snap. in fact, it could have almost been a sulawesi. . .

i think it might be nice iced with cream and sugar. despite the ambiguous best-by date, it seems to be relatively fresh.

if you like this rather dark roast style, you might enjoy the rojas blend.

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