Wednesday, June 08, 2005

coffee blueberry chocolate smoothie

that's rather the feeling i got this morning after blissfully drinking some of the stumptown "ravishing indigo" as an iced coffee, made in my little vac pot. add sugar and plenty of light cream. . .

i was surprised how strongly the blueberry came through in the cup, and the dark dutch cocoa aftertaste made this beverage feel like a complete breakfast -- no need for a chocolate croissant!

also, i was completely delighted to return home last night and find some of don schoenholt's gillies guatemalan shb, euro prep waiting for me. yum!

that also makes an excellent iced coffee or a very pleasant breakfast cup. in fact, i believe this what don himself usually drinks in the morning.

and don't forget the nyc coffee meetup tonite at 9th st! i do have a door prize to give away!

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