Thursday, June 23, 2005

fun with yoga mats

"my preconceived idea of yoga had always been a skinny-little person with their knee wrapped around their head as they did a handstand. i couldn't have been more wrong."

darn! just when i thought i had got handstand licked, i find out i still have to work on getting that knee around my ear. . .but seriously, i find this small personal testimonial inspiring.

you can indeed lose weight and improve your blood pressure over time through a consistent, regular, challenging vinyasa yoga practice.

and since the above personal testimonial is from a girl, just to drive home my usual rant that yoga works for guys too, read this article for a male perspective. real men do yoga, you know.

recently i've come across a couple of fun variations on the standard yoga mat: the scooby doo mat, the chocolate mat, and the plank mat.

the scooby do mat is marketed for children, but it's the full 68-in. long puppy, so it would work for many adult women. personally, i think scooby's a don't, but hey! to each your own!

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