Thursday, June 09, 2005

growing your own

coffea arabica does grow well indoors, with care. you probably won't get cherries unless you live in the right latitude, but it can be a pretty plant.

the ny times tells ya how. (if you need to login, use bugmenot.)

also, a big thanks to scaa pro member and altie, marshall fuss, who notes this interesting article on artisan bread in nyc.

let me also take this time thank kenny nye and rob of 9th st. espresso for holding our fun nyc coffee meetup last night. we did indeed sample an experimental espresso blend based in two super-premium brazils, one of them from daterra (i cupped this, as you may recall).

the door prize, a caffe rosto home roaster, was won by schneider! thanks to jim p. of 1st-line for donating this.

and we scheduled next month's coffee meetup to coincide with the annual scaa member reception on july 11. as usual, we will also be touring the fancy food show the day before with the guidance of steve schulman, dallis coffee's roastmaster.

for full details, run on over to the meetup event page. . .

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