Thursday, June 16, 2005

mendiant and guatemala

in response to your email, dear readers, i will quickly recap my description of the gillies standard guatemala shb european prep i've been drinking as an iced coffee recently!

i've been making this in my little vac pot, 60g. (about 2 oz.) ground coffee to 1 liter (about 32 oz.) of water. don schoenholt of gillies roasts this coffee in the traditional new-york style, which will appear a tad light to those accustomed to west-coast style roasts.

i'm calling it a true city roast. the fresh dry grounds are nicely floral.

it's a sweet, nippy coffee, with aromas of lemon rind and vanilla. hot it displays a remarkable caramel-y and roasted, candied hazelnut quality; since i made it in the vac pot, it had only a medium-light body.

chilling seems to me to downplay the lemon and vanilla, while the brightness comes a tad to the fore. i always enjoy it with some unflavored splenda syrup and a tablespoon of light cream.

but because of its native hazelnut quality, a dash of the superb routin 1883 sugar-free hazelnut syrup would be all good! also to go with that hazelnut quality . . .i confess!

i had a row of the chapon mendiant bar: its chopped almonds, pitachios, and hazelnuts were just the perfect companion. . . not that i recommend chocolate for breakfast.

um, at least not regularly, you understand. . .

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