Wednesday, June 15, 2005


never boil coffee. . .even so-called "cowboy coffee." eggs cook safely at 160 degrees f (about 71 c), while a good temperature for coffee is 195 degrees f (about 91 c).

so "boiling" as the above recipe suggests will not only destroy the coffee, but also give you rubbery eggs! all bad.

i took the rest of this morning's vac pot of the stumptown "ravishing indigo" and popped it into my thermos, which i've placed in the fridge at work. yuppers, i'm living on iced harrar.

worse things have happened to me, i tell ya. worse things could happen to you too!

i definitely think the 2 best coffees for making as straight iced are this harrar and gillies' guatemala city. yummy!

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