Wednesday, June 01, 2005

regional coffee culture, part xxxxii

"esther leong is totally smitten with coffee."

it goes without saying that she's just a bccy kinda girl. malaysia does have a rather unique coffee culture -- often the beans are completely charred in butter or oil -- and there is the unusual "white coffee" -- but it looks like esther is also offering a more european style along with her traditional asian ones.

the london-type weather has passed for good it seems, and we here in new york finally experienced 2 days of spring before summer began. yuppers, this means it's getting close to iced coffee time.

and, as i do every year, i offer a couple of takes on the iced coffee situation, for those who aren't satisfied with the simple shakerato:

needless to say, the improved weather also helps my yoga tremendously. i'm one of those rare people who loves hot and humid weather, so i can't wait for full summer to roar.

alas, this means it's too hot to ship any chocolate. thank goodness i got 2 boxes of el rey 73.5% apamate while there was still time. . .

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