Tuesday, June 28, 2005

regional coffee culture, part xxxxiv

"both social and spiritual, the so-called ethiopian coffee ceremony is structure without rigidity, more community than formality: you sit, you talk, you enjoy a drink -- a natural progression in a country believed to be the birthplace of the world's most popular beverage."

this is just a beautiful article about how ethiopian immigrants to the u.s.a. are preserving their precious coffee and cultural heritage.

alas, nowhere in new york do we appear to have the ability to experience this ceremony in its true and authentic form!

in other news, this article made me giggle -- nestle offering a "luxury" coffee? -- excuse me while i climb back in my chair -- but i was intrigued by that offhand statistic: over the past 7 years instant/soluble coffee consumption has fallen by 14%?

it was music to my ears. . .since we've basically had august all june, i just haven't been doing a lot of baking recently.

however, over the coming 4th of july holiday i do intend to re-attempt the brownie with splenda. my first crack at this was a complete disaster, as gentle readers may recall.

this time i'll be using the new splenda baking mix. let's see how this works out; it would be great to bake delicious, killer brownies with 25% less calories, hmm?

but it is crucial to recall that baked goods made with splenda often cook more quickly -- thus i'll probably need to pull the brownies from the oven 5 mins. sooner. i am a little concerned however that of all the common recipes splenda gives on its site, it doesn't list the common and wildly beloved brownie.

maybe this is an oversight. . .or maybe its the herald of doom??? tune in next week and we'll find out ourselves!

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