Thursday, June 30, 2005

regional coffee culture, part xxxxv

"in the past five years norwegians have increased their coffee intake an average of eight liters per year and a new record level of 166 liters (701.6 cups) per person per year was set. . ."

so if this article is correct, norwegians are now drinking about 17.5 pounds of coffee a year, each. it sounds like a lot, but really it's only about 2 cups a day -- moderate level of intake.

however, you can't blame norwegians for enjoying their coffee, even if they do it with typical scandinavian prudence. they do after all enjoy some of the planet's best coffee and many world-class, prize-winning baristi.

like that cutie tim w. (i got a hug from him in april at conference in seattle. . .sigh. . .and another from dreamboat paul bassett. . .ultra-sigh. . i can't wait 'til he posts pix on his website.)

actually if forced to mention it -- and only if forced, really! -- not to insult their obvious talent, intelligence, espresso passion or anything -- thomas g. (on the right) and morten m. (on the far left) are also amazingly good looking. oh, and they make great coffee too!

many times people not into coffee ask me why barista championships are spectator sports -- and to answer that question, um, really, i do have to point out with some delicacy that besides the innate drama and excitement of espresso preparation, my experience has been that the vast majority of serious baristi are rather quite easy on the eyes. . .sammy's sweet too!

and for the total swoon factor, of course there's the great italian duke himself, luigi lupi. . .in canali, of course.

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