Tuesday, June 21, 2005

scaa homecoming & why we love tonx

"coffee is not merely an ingredient in the recipe for some product but rather a diverse and challenging personality, bringing with it the character of its mountain, its climate, and a long chain of handling."

yuppers, we love tonx we do!

also, fantastic altie and scaa pro member marshall fuss has sent along the final schedule for the homecoming, july 23, in long beach, calif.:

  • Tim Castle (Writer, coffee broker, former President of SCAA) - "Le Nez du Café Lab." This sensory training kit was developed by a French company to teach the recognition of specific aromas in coffees and other foods.
  • Richard Hourizadeh (President of Astra Mfg.) - "Designing an Espresso Machine." Astra is one of the few companies that designs and builds espresso machines in the United States. Richard will describe Astra's approach to espresso machine design.
  • Ted Lingle (Executive Director of SCAA) - "Everything You Wanted to Know About the SCAA Flavor Wheel." Ted will explain how to use this key tool of the coffee cupper and how it was developed.
  • Thompson Owen (Owner, Sweet Maria's) - The leading seller of green beans to home roasters will discuss some of the current issues in selecting and finding the best beans in the current market.
  • Heather Perry (Barista trainer and 2003 U.S. and 2005 West Coast Barista Champion). In a return visit, Heather will demonstrate latte art techniques and other secrets of the professional barista.
  • Jim Schulman (Writer and coffee-phile) - An "amateur" in the original and best meaning of the word, Jim has become a visible presence in the coffee world. Jim will explain some of the technical issues in making great espresso at home.

more info on the scaa website. . .

and finally, for those considering joining the nyc coffee meetup at the july 10 tour of the fancy food show, please be aware that the show has "secretly" extended the US$35 registration all the way to july 8. of course their website doesn't tell you that until you're into the registration process, but hey! there it is!

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