Thursday, June 02, 2005

trey moves to tribeca

and the quality of coffee in nyc is about leap up another notch! trey from intelligentsia is sailing the prairie schooner outta chicago into tribeca, bringing the famed black cat espresso and many superb cup of excellence coffees with him.

trey is starting out wholesale, but does anyone doubt that an intelligentsia retail location is far behind? nyc coffee lovers, start asking your favorite local nabe coffeehouse to add black cat to its bean line now!

i also was extremely excited to finally catch up with scaa conference committee chair rob stephen this morning about the consumer member track for charlotte 2006. yes, we are planning it already.

what's fantastic about rob is that he gets it! he's a blue-sky, outta-da-box thinker who's willing to look at every aspect with a fresh eye, while realizing that in the end, of course, there will be a budget.

but this is exactly what scaa needs, and it completely fulfills the optimistic confidence i've had. in this spirit i'm throwing out the "safe" list of options i'd made and completely putting in the "dream" goals.

we consumers might not get all of that -- or even a lot of that -- but that rob is willing to enlarge the meaning of the conference track system is fantastic! i'll be making my new list over lunch and sending it to him pronto tonto!

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