Thursday, July 21, 2005

90 years for sri jois

"the 90th birthday of k. pattabhi jois, the internationally known exponent of ashtanga yoga . . .is being celebrated today by his large number of foreign and indian students, family members and friends at the h. kempegowda memorial hall. . ."

congratulations to you, k.p.j. even tho' i am not a student of ashtanga, all yoga enthusiasts must recognize the contributions sri jois has made to yoga education worldwide.

in traditional indian thinking, 90 is an auspicious number -- for example, in vaastu, the indian version of feng shui, building plots should have a 90 degree angle in the southwest corner.

also, traditional indian time divides itself into 90 minute periods, which are considered lucky. so a big bccy happy birthday to sri jois on his important 90th birthday!

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