Saturday, July 02, 2005

the best chocolate ice cream in new york?

on rare days, mr. right and i will wander down to that tourist restaurant, mesa grill. not only is it nowadays quite expensive and packed with nice people from iowa who apparently have never eaten in a white linen tablecloth restaurant in their lives -- this is true blight caused by applebee's et. al. -- but the menu never, ever seems to change.

we go today, a lovely summer's evening, and find the usual pork, venison, and brussels sprouts, etc. etc. as if it were october.

however they actually do have one or two reliable and delicious dishes (i always have my venison rare, thank you) before moving onto vikki wells desserts.

this is the only part of the menu that hasn't ossified, it seems. the pineapple-tequila sorbet on a coconut sacristan is weather-and theme-appropriate.

however, the standout desserts are the warm dulche de leche dark chocolate cake and the dark chocolate ice cream with chile.

mr. right had the cake; i settled back for the intense ice cream. i really do think these 3 mini-scoops are the best chocolate ice cream in new york.

i'm told it's made with belcolade 60%. if only i could describe how unctous and soul-kissingly chocolate-y this ice cream is.

nothing else i can bring to my mind in nyc has the same overwhelming and intoxicating chocolate taste. i would almost say it's the best ice cream in new york period, except that honor goes to the prune and armangac ice cream served at the old bouley.

don't laugh: that's a classic french combination and it is deeply awesome. . .

finally, wells' chocolate ice cream here has just the right amount of spiciness. some spicy chocolate ice creams have too much chile.

not this one. i swear this ice cream may be the best reason to encounter tourists. . .

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