Sunday, July 24, 2005

congrats to marshall

first, i had a great talk this morning with scaa members marshall fuss and jim schulman, fresh from yesterday's awesome consumer member "homecoming" in california. the scaa staff did a fantastic job and about 70 people came to learn more about appreciating coffee as a fine beverage.

not only were their lectures on some topics that are quite familiar to regular bccy readers, like the nez du café and the scaa flavor wheel, but also there was a fantastic presentation on coffee in yemen.

double thanks to marshall for putting this event together and making is a complete success! every year i long to go only to have some work-thing pop up. . .

also, today's ny times is just bccy all over: a cover article on coffee in puerto rico, another on vosges' famed yoga and chocolate vacations.

finally, a heads-up: those of you interested in renting the new dvd of a. tatou's "a very long engagement," be warned: it is quite violent, intensely sad, and you might want to brace yourself for that. . .still it's beautifully shot, a fine movie, well worth seeing.

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