Tuesday, July 12, 2005

a gesture of beauty and respect

"some 1,700 small white cups containing freshly brewed coffee stand on a bed of soil in the visitors' lobby of united nations headquarters in new york this week, a poignant memorial to the thousands of bosnians slaughtered in the security council-proclaimed "safe area" of srebrenica exactly 10 years ago."

i found this memorial/installation moving. . .the srebrenica massacre was a shocking crime against humanity.

" 'foreigners buy coffee to carry away in the morning, but chinese like to drink it socially,' said the manager of one of shanghai summit coffee co.'s five shops. 'they prefer to drink at the tables here, usually as part of a business meeting or if they are waiting for someone.' "

shanghai coffee culture! the new saying: "for all the coffee in china. . ."

"a metal coffee pot packed with explosives blew up in the doorway of the italian culture institute in barcelona on tuesday, slightly wounding a policeman, police said."

disturbing! very disturbing!

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