Tuesday, July 05, 2005

more on that tipping point: the ethiopian auction

"i think it's huge. it's a tenuous toe-hold on the continent, but it's gotta start somewhere... and "quality=dollars" is the best equation going. i'm frankly surprised that the bidding didn't reach higher." -- dougie cadmus, coffee odyssey and gmcr

i'm still surprised i don't see more talk about the wonders of the recent ethiopian internet coffee auction. what's also interesting is the consumers, alties, c-members, however you wanna call 'em now actually participated: bob y. of the green coffee co-op and dougie both bid.

those of us who are long-time alties etc. could never have forseen how increased interaction with the professional community would take us to this point. our values -- that specialty coffee is all about rewarding farmers for quality without compromise -- are triumphing now.

we consumers are finally at long last beginning to close the loop in the right way.

just in case you happen to be starved for even more 24/7/365 coffee talk, let me note the new coffeed forum. good luck to you guys!

"the international coffee organisation called on monday for leaders of the rich world to address the trade barriers and market imbalances that aggravate poverty in many commodity-dependent developing countries."

and this is a very important news item! hey g-8, tackle the coffee crisis!

i myself spent the morning attempting to make oren's longberry harrar in the cafetiére (that's a french press to you!). what made this tricky is that it was very fresh, leading to massive bloom, and also due to the unique the way oren roasts his coffee, you have to grind even coarser than you normally would. . .

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