Monday, July 18, 2005

new york might never ?

"new york might never become the espresso mecca seattle is, but there are a few die-hard coffee connoisseurs in our neck of the woods determined to make an exquisite cup, seattle-style, every time."

and congrats to long-time bccy pals, kevin of gimme, kenny of 9th st., and jonathan of joe for this nice press mention.

however, i will make one tiny nit-pick: the espresso these fine noo yawk gentlemen are after isn't seattle espresso per se, but rather northern italian espresso. i would disagree with the article that most seattle espresso is in this style.

in fact, the majority of seattle espresso seems an american concoction; another large set appears to emulate southern italian espresso. few are the seattle outlets that aim for the true northern italian style, in my experience.

you can see this in the very dark roast colors of most seattle coffee, as well as in the blend types. the northern italian espresso is for the most part much more lightly roasted than the southern models -- it's always important to remember that coffee, like most italian things, varies by region!

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