Wednesday, July 06, 2005

regional coffee culture, part xxxxvi

"i was having a lunch of prawn mee and kalamansi lime juice with seeoth, a food-mad friend, and discussing what this futuristic city-state lacked. listing coffee culture along with live music and art, i watched as his eyes opened wide in disbelief -- and fury.

within seconds we arranged to meet at a 'kopi tiam,' a neighborhood coffee shop, in the red-light district of geylang the next morning

the author of this fascinating article should know: wherever islam has touched, there has been a coffee tradition. and islam first touched singapore in the 13th century, remaining to this day a notable cultural force, since about 15 percent of singaporeans consider themselves muslim.

so doubtless as coffee-drinking rose in the muslim world in the late 15th century, it inevitably came to singapore.

but in ultra-exciting news, i received today a completely surprise package from dream coffee hero andrew barnett of ecco caffe. and it contained a pound of his new edition northern italian espresso, based in daterra's 2004 special reserve super-premium brazil.

long-time readers recall that i was at the daterra cupping here in new york earlier this year and met the pascoals personally. the coffee andrew is using in this espresso is on organic production land, which is soon slated to be certified (the organic certification process takes years, as you gentle readers know).

i can't wait to brew this up, not at all. thank you so much, andrew!

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