Saturday, July 30, 2005

snow in heaven

on a hot day after a quick trip across the pond, i returned from my usual jet-lag-beating yoga class to cool myself down with a nice tall glass of iced mesa de los santos by gimme and a pleasant portion of one my favorite non-chocolate desserts, snow in heaven ("yakh dar behesht," made with very finely ground farina). snow in heaven is one of the few times i believe rosewater should leave the soapdish. . .

i began the morning making 2 espressi: one with gimme's leftist from yesterday, and the other of the "house benchmark" coffee, jessica's batdorf dancing goats. when ultra-fresh -- as jessica always sends it, never more than 3 days old -- it is truly a fantastic coffee, and as long-time readers know, pretty much the only one my husband will drink.

however i will say that he threw me a curveball recently by stating out of the blue that maybe that stumptown hairbender was ok, after all. . .nevertheless i sprung some leftist on him, but he wasn't happy with its slightly smoky feeling.

he said that all these smoky/dark notes reminded him too much of the mermaid. i urged him not to let their roasting tar(!) vaguely similar notes in finer coffees, but what am i to do?

i myself think the leftist is mighty fine, altho' that just might be the rational fundamentalist in me. . .

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