Monday, July 04, 2005

splenda brownies, take ii

as promised, i assayed my killer brownie recipe with the new splenda baking mix, which promises in its ad copy that you can get great baking results with about a 45% reduction in calories from sugar. ok!

lemme summarize the changes you make to recipe with this splenda product: first, you use only half the amount of splenda mix than sugar. the recipe calls for 1-1/2 c. sugar, so i used only 3/4 c. splenda mix.

second, you must reduce baking time at least 5 mins. i might argue for lowering the oven 25 degrees too, or lessening baking time 8 mins.

the brownies that emerged, instead of my usual fudgy monsters, were cake-type brownies. they weren't too dry, but were on the dry side. and since i had less volume of batter, they didn't fill the pan as nicely or rise as high.

thus next time i make these i would: reduce oven 25 degrees and start checking for doneness at 17 mins.; add an extra tablespoon of water to combat dryness; and add more chocolate chips or coconut or walnuts, what have you, to make up for that lost 3/4 c. volume.

however the results are to my mind edible. let's see what mr. right thinks in a little bit.

unlike my previous splenda disaster with this recipe, the results here are edible and probably can be improved.

also on the chocolate front i saw a new brand in my local garden of eden and snapped it up: isis, a 70% blended belgian chocolate. i was interested in it because it contained no lecithin and only real, pure vanilla.

the bar had a great snap, nice finish, good sheen, very creamy in the mouth with a long, long satisfying chocolate aftertaste. i liked it!

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