Friday, August 26, 2005

chocolate cake

summer's tough for quality chocolate. you can't ship it, so mail-ordering the great stuff from the artisanal chocolatiers just can't be done.

i'm forced to live on quality chocolate bars and cake. with this in mind, mr. right stopped by buttercup to pick up some german chocolate cake (this is exactly what the article in question should look like, to my mind -- deep dark chocolate cake, lots of nuts and coconut in the frosting, which should be applied with a sparing hand!) yesterday.

long-time readers know i'm a big fan of retro-desserts, meaning i've always loved the magnolia, of which buttercup's an off-shoot, sorta.

magnolia's gotten really popular -- the line to get in the door exceeded 30 mins. when i was last there -- and so naturally quality has declined a tad. their german chocolate cake isn't what it used to be.

but last night i thought the buttercup cake wasn't quite chocolate-y enough, and the frosting lacked adequate coconut. still it was pretty good for a monthly indulgence.

thank goodness summer's nearly over! summer is my favorite season, and i must say chocolate's the only thing that makes autumn bearable to me. . .

for some reason i've spent a good portion of the summer listening to older music -- leftism, for example, is great for coding to -- but today i suddenly switched back to equatorial stars.

it just seemed right.

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