Tuesday, August 30, 2005

coffee & nola

hurricane katrina, which spared a direct hit on the beautiful historic buildings of new orleans, is still messin' with the lives of coffee drinkers in a profound way. how?

it's incumbent on us coffee lovers to remember that new orleans is a primo coffee port. green lands there; green is warehoused there.

and now 80% of new orleans is under water, some of it 20 ft. deep. while beanz + water = coffee, in this case, it's not good.

also, we have to remember that new orleans has a long and beautiful coffee culture:

"today, coffee with chicory remains the most popular blend in a city where people do not take the matter lightly. thanks to the gourmet coffee chains sprouting up across the national landscape, much of America is waking up to the idea that coffee can be a real pleasure.

but coffee has always been serious business in new orleans - whether stacked in pyramids of 100-pound sacks on the port docks or served in china in the city's finest creole restaurants."

i'm not a big chicory fan, but i know many people are; and i myself have had the pleasure of home-made beignets with fresh well-made coffee.

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