Tuesday, August 16, 2005

more on coffee as a health food

"caffeine intake appeared to explain some, but not all, of the diabetes-risk reduction and weight change. . ."

in short this study seems to buttress the belief that moderate coffee consumption, sensible diet, and regular exercise (like a challenging yoga practice, or even i'll allow, even a nice 5k run!) appear to significantly decrease the chances of developing diabetes. diabetes is apparently turning into an expensive public health epidemic before our eyes in europe, north america, and indeed worldwide.

but the picture still's unclear -- altho' i do think it of deep interest that the benefits of coffee appear more strongly marked for women! and the subjects which the big e.u. study is considering seem really fascinating.

however it appears more and more that scientists need to change the focus from caffeine alone. as long-time readers know, coffee contains at least 1,100 identified components, of which chlorogenic acid may presently be the most interesting in regards to human health.

or more likely, coffee as a complex and completely natural product works as a whole -- all of its constituents together -- to offer subtle but important health benefits when enjoyed with common sense.

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