Wednesday, August 10, 2005

the nicaragua cup of excellence, part ii

per yesterday, i made andrew's ecco nicaragua coe coffee in the vac pot. i was much happier with the result, even tho' i did lose some of the great body, as expected.

in the vac pot, wonderful nutmeg flavors came soaring through, along with a nice light cocoa-type aftertaste. but! i did sacrifice the body. . .

as i was agonizing over this trade-off, a little bird offered me 2 more chemex tips: put a straw(!) behind the filter, on the opposite side of the pour spout (to make the coffee drip faster) and also to fold the pointed bottom tip of the filter flat. this supposedly helps prevent the fine particles in the grind from clogging it.

i'll try both of these tomorrow.

and finally, a big bccy thanks to everyone who made the coffee meetup. in the middle of august -- prime vacation time -- i should be grateful that anyone shows up at all!

i should be posting this right now, but (sigh) blogger's down. for planned maintenance. why didn't they tell us this before we logged in to write???aaaarrgghhhhh. . . that's why i'm mailing this in.

maybe it'll make it.

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