Tuesday, August 02, 2005

ok ok ok

so after my post dissing chocatal, outta da wordwork come some bccy readers who say they like the stuff and it has to be made in the caftiére to appreciate it. thus today i delay the promised gimme piccolo mondo and make the chocatal for breakfast.

ok, so i brew this concotion at 55g per 1 liter water, 198 degrees. i steep it for 4 mins.

no bloom. but what would you expect from a pre-ground supermarket product, and one that's not 100% coffee to boot?

the color of this mixture is quite dark, not only due to the roast level on the coffee, but probably also due to the ground cocoa nibs it contains. i think this product contains a lotta sumatra. . .

anyway, similar results as before: it smells nicely of chocolate while steeping. in the cup, it has a huge thick gelatinous body.

when you drink it, you get a gritty, chalky sensation, probably from the bits of cocoa nib suspended in the coffee. very slighty gritty, that's all.

black, it tastes like indifferent indonesian to me. with light cream and raw sugar, it does achieve a more chocolate aftertaste.

the body is fun while you're drinking it, if you can overlook the minor emery-board feel if you rub the stuff across the roof of your mouth. i'm sorry, dear readers, the allure of the chocatal is just lost on me.

if you want hot chocolate, drink it. if you want coffee, well, you know what i'm gonna say. . .

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