Thursday, August 11, 2005

regional coffee culture, part l

"consumers are shunning soft drinks in favour of healthy alternatives like water or a coffee. . ."

coffee consumption's on the rise in australia, no doubt! and soft-drink giant coca-cola's noticed.

"as temperatures dip during the southern hemisphere winter, business is heating up at trendy city coffee shops in brazil's biggest tourist resort, rio de janeiro."

and apparently in brazil too!

and as much as i love coffee, i'd offer a word of caution to the people of saipan before jumping wholesale into developing a coffee industry for themselves. to put oneself at the mercy of this commodity's vicious global market is the definition of heartbreak and hunger. . .

since the island's highest point is an extinct volcano at 1,500 ft., it seems like they might be trying to emulate a kona model. but kona's cloud-sun microclimates are unique and fragile.

i think it's pretty safe to say the kona experience probably can't be duplicated.

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