Wednesday, September 28, 2005

andrew's brazil

and i started my morning with the last of andrew's ecco super-premium, prize-winning brazil, the fazenda esperanca. it's just a sweet, floral coffee.

and as it cools, some nice fruity flavors seem to come to the fore. it's so not your average boring brazil, and i highly recommend it -- both in the vac pot and the cafetiére.

andrew gives it a nice medium-dark, northern-italian type roast, which lends the coffee a lovely long finish, particularly with light cream. if you think brazils are just for blending, do check this particular coffee out!

i think any coffee lover will be happy in the morning with this bean's satiny dried cherry feeling and dark cocoa aftertaste. (sorry andrew: i couldn't find the toffee that the c.o.e. cupping panel did!)

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