Thursday, September 29, 2005

cups with style

"think twice about the way you down your favorite hot beverage as you take in the latest exhibit at scottsdale museum of contemporary art.

in 'tea and coffee towers,' you'll see sleek, futuristic coffee and tea sets made from steel and glass."

sounds great! of course, it's all about alessi.

the only problem is that alessi never tells you how large the cups are in their online descriptions -- do they hold 2 oz. or 3? I make a lot of 2.5 oz. or so triples, and not knowing the cup size often prevents me from reaching for that "submit purchase" button!

finally, let me apologize for the comment spam posted yesterday. this isn't a problem i often have.

but believe me, when i see it, i delete it without mercy. and if possible, i call the perpetrator to complain.

thus breathe magazine got a polite but firm message from me this morning. they think they're so edgy and cool, but they're just clueless spammers. . .sorry! it's true.

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