Tuesday, September 20, 2005

ecco brazil

nothing makes us at bccy happier than a package from andrew barnett at ecco. filled naturally with his astonishing espresso based in super-premium brazils. . . .and accompanied by his offering notes, which are just the perfect mini-histories of the coffees.

if you're not drinking andrew's coffees yet, you are missing out on the artistry of one of the most breath-taking coffee talents of our time. no, really.

it's amazing what he can do with daterra. and so many of his coffees are c.o.e. winners.

thank you, andrew!

in other news today, i'm really enjoying two small giggles -- my own fortune teller notebook (water your dreams!) and of course the t-shirt i intend to design when i have moment next week:

"the stunning actress insists she's not a yoga-mad type, but can understand women who become obsessed. . ."

lemme pick myself off the floor and try to stopping laughing uproariously. but seriously, to replace my old ashtanga makes me grumpy slogan, i'm gonna go with a plain obsessed on the front at a wacky angle, as if stamped by some mad postal inspector, and a nice silhouette of ashtavakrasana on back.

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