Friday, September 30, 2005

first barista, now tv star

congrats to long-time bccy pal paul bassett, former world barista champ, on his new tv show, living with coffee. i hope this appears in north america and europe as well as down under and in asia.

if you thought anthony bourdain was an entertaining guy born for stardom, wait until you see paul.

not only is he funnier than bourdain, he's much nicer as a person too. and since tv is a shallow medium, we have to admit that paul's about a gazillion times better looking.

and he has a nice interview about it here.

let me once again stress that being a pro barista is a real career. to win the world championship can launch you onto amazing trails.

paul basset seems destined to be the first global celebrity barista. all of you who now labor with a heavy tamper in a shop where they don't understand you, take heed.

join the barista guild and set your sights high. if there's room for paul on the world's tv screeens, there's room for you too!

i expect the "paul bassett" line of home espresso machines will soon be on their way. . .

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