Monday, September 19, 2005

india fights back

"the indian government is furious that yoga practices dating back thousands of years are being 'stolen' by gurus and fitness instructors in Europe and the United States. foreign practitioners are already said to have claimed hundreds of patents and copyrights on poses and techniques lifted straight from classical indian yoga treatises.

'yoga piracy is becoming very common and we are moving to do something about it. . .'

well i didn't intend this week to become yoga week, but hey, the universe is dragging me that way. so i'll surrender.

i think it's clever that the indians are striking by just patenting the stuff themselves. it's clearly a strike back at bikram, et. al.

the patent office is stupid to grant these things on ancient techniques that are common knowledge all over the world. i mean, could i now patent galileo's barometer?

or the telescope isaac newton describes in his optics? these yoga poses are likewise described in ancient yoga books!

should i find the descendants of christian huygens and offer them a fortune?

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