Monday, September 05, 2005

mmm more chocolat moderne

a fine day is a batdorf dancing goat americano with a few square of joan's chocolat moderne apricote bask, a small dark chocolate bar whose squares reward you with a soft apricot caramel center. not fake apricot either, but real apricot preserves!

today's a fantastic weather day and due to the holiday, all new york's empty. days like today are the finest times to be nyc.

one of my favorite fruits, the white nectarine, seems also to have arrived by the boatload, and that's all good. i love the beautiful royal purple color they have at the stone.

finally, in an unusual political note, the democratic primary for nyc mayor is coming up. the ny times of course endorsed the most boring, uninspired, business-as-usual and p.c. choice (use bugmenot).

as long-time readers know, i am no fan of mean mayor mike bloomberg, who demonstrates his overall boston-born disdain for nyc in many ways. but one of them is his total indifference to the plight of small business, including the matter of long-time bccy pal, don schoenholt of gillies.

mr. "gotta run, i'm flying to my vacation house in my private jet" mike basically wants to transform nyc into a giant luxury resort for gazillionaires, changing every building of any size or view into apartments for the ultra-rich only. if this means driving out small businesses, small manufacturing, the middle-classes and mere millionaires, so be it.

that's why i'm considering my alternatives. the tax-lovin' nyt really seems to dislike anthony weiner -- possibly because he doesn't want to raise rates, as well as the fact he appeared to get feisty with them in the pre-endorsement interviews (he "yelped" at them, how dare he???) -- which is an excellent character reference in my book. . .

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