Thursday, September 08, 2005

new yrg from jessica

woo hoo! today jessica at batdorf sent a pound of their new yrgacheffe.

and let me say the documentation she provides for this coffee is beautiful, a dream come true: it lists the origin, the regions, the certifications, the altitude, processing info, and even a nice bit about the farmer's co-op.

thus i can tell you this ethiopian yrg comes from the southern district, known as the "gedeo zone," after the gedeo tribespeople. it was grown at 1,800 meters (about 6,000 ft.!) by small-holder families, planted right among the subsistence vegetables they cultivate for the table in their family garden.

the co-op's part of the yirgacheffe union. the beans were processed at a centrally located mill, where it was de-pulped, fermented, washed, and fully sun-dried.

the cupping notes jessica included with this coffee describe it as having a "mellow" brightness, "lush" body, and flavors including lavender, lemon custard, and fresh peach.

finally, it's certified organic and fair-trade. definitely this is a coffee destined for the vac pot tomorrow!

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