Saturday, September 03, 2005

nolajava: back in business!

amazing how once again i can't log into blogger today and gotta mail this in. . .that's not very much to complain about, so i'll stop. . .i gotta get to wordpress soon, somehow. . .

the big news today is that long-time bccy pal bill s., "nolajava," after heading to safety from the hurricane disaster, has already made plans to get his coffee roasting business moving forward. having made an arrangement with a baton rouge roaster, he intends to be roasting coffee as early as sept. 12!

i'll keep you posted as soon as i hear his mail-order operation is up and running. i know many people will want to support him by enjoying his highly regarded coffee! not every roaster can get a 90 rating from ken davids, after all!

in other news, i myself was given a "mystery blend" on friday by one of our greenie friends. he refused to tell me what it was.

but it was certainly fresh, having emerged from the nybot grading room's sample roaster (note to nybot: why the heck did you take that page down???) that very afternoon. i made it this morning in the cafetiere given me by don schoenholt of gillies.

after sampling it, i think it's a kenya (ab??) mixed with a java jampits, or similar indonesian bean. since it was fresh, fresh, fresh, i had to beware of the intense bloom. . .and still it nearly foamed over on me.

still, it had a wonderful floral fragrance, a nutty, caramelly feeling, medium brightness, and a medium-heavy body. yummy with a spoonful of light cream.

surprisingly good.

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